why the return is not so super?

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age gap and the spidey factor
i was born 1979 and as a child... people only believed that a man can fly because of superman. superman was THE hero, he's always present on my birthday cake. you can include a bit of starwars which i really didn't understand that time. the generation before me loved superman returns alot! (well most)

most people that didn't like the movie turn up were born in the 1980's onwards (except the children today)... think about this... by the time you somehow know how the world works (which would be 6 - 8 yrs. old, coz ur in school na) , superman was already gone (even though last movie was in '87) dahil not like today, children before have no access to movies even though it has just been shown. the bottom line is you don't know superman! in reality others still have no idea that smallville is about superman's high school days!

so with a feeling like a child who have not seen his father during childhood, you know he's your father, but by the time you meet him you really don't know him... that's how the world feels now that superman returned

people are gonna kill me for saying this but i believe that today's spiderman was patterned after yesterday's superman... not in terms of copying it but in replicating the factors that caught the viewer's affection plus improving it by giving something the superman series lacks (back then) which was the technology plus other story complications.

- death of a love one before stardom
- giving up on their powers for the love of their life
- choosing between the people who needs help and their leading lady
- pa-awa effect sa alter ego
- revealing the true identity to the leading lady etc...

they're not exactly the same but what im sayin is that the spiderman movie is sprinkled with that kind of essence to build up its fancy.

a tough act to follow
if you're aware of the success of the superman movies way back especially 1 & 2 you know its not easy to top that... the 1978 superman (superman - the movie) was considered the first, and often the best, modern superhero film so you just can't bash in and make another one just like that. the last superman movie was 1987... it took almost two decades before they came up with a new superman movie bcoz its would be difficult to surpass expectations of the superman fans then plus the more demanding expectations of the new generation that has already watched tons of superhero movies.

just an intro
you have to notice that the movie is an opener. it only wants to unveil a new character (even though its superman). show the people around him, his background, his playground and his usual abilities. the movie just wants us to know that superman is around and is back.

if you think the movie is not that spectacular its because of those reasons... isipin mo pinanood mo ang isang superhero na di mo masyadong kilala na namomroblema at malungkot para kang ipinakilala sa isang taong problemado na eh di mo pa ka-close...

people doesn't understand and appreciate superman returns because they were not part of the legacy! but they'll soon be..

just wait till superman finds his way back to the hearts of the people... though he's not one of us... he was raised with human emotions kaya nasasaktan din yon

pero sa tingin ko eh talagang kinapos lang sa dulo... akalain mong na-ospital si superman napunta lang ng maynila? buti pa si spiderman naging gagambang bahay lang sandali tapos lumakas uli ehehe


eye said...

i think they did the superman remake in the tradition of all those superhero hit movies (and their sequels), magpapahuli ba naman ang bida? sad to say, it didn't measure up to the orig series (except of course in terms of technology)

para lang din yang star wars, walang sinabi yung 1,2 at 3 sa 4, 5 at 6 kahit na mas high tech yung mag bago.

hintayin na lang natin ang spiderman 3, mukhang maganda ang magiging laban vs. venom hehe!

Marco said...

korek ka dyan!