pero minsan nag-iiba ang ikot ng mundo - soapdish

One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.
- Rita Mae Brown

ang hirap maghanap ng subject kapag madilim
pero namataan ko sya... buti na lang

sa susunod sana mas ok ang mangyari...



bakit di mo subukang uminom ng malamig na tubig?

If the importance of a nutrient is judged by how long we can do without it, water ranks as the most important.



ano ang masarap gawin sa saging? sabihin nyo nga...

this sh*t is bananas... B-A-N-A-N-A-S

akala ko lately lang ako nagpipicture ng macro pero pagtingin ko sa archives eh may mangilan-ngilan ding shots... dumami lng 'to noong sira na un a2 ko at di ako nakakalabas kaya mga bagay sa tabi-tabi lng ang napagdiskitahan ko... at dahil may request si ma'm tin

ewan kung ako ang tamang magbigay ng mga tips sa macro dahil pinag-aaralan ko pa lang ito at dahil maayos naman ang mga resulta kaya pinagpapatuloy ko pero kung interesado kayo eto...

close it up - ilapit nyo, hindi kase uubra yun zoom... parang kapag magbabasa kayo ng maliliit na font sa diyaryo, un bang kahit i-zoom nyo un mata nyo eh nahihirapan pa rin kayong basahin kaya kailangan nyong ilapit na konti

use the lcd - di ko alam kung pa'no macro shot wit macro lens etc. pero kung hindi gagamitin un lcd eh sablay ang lens ng p&s...
nabasa ko na rin dati na importanteng gamitin ang lcd para makita nyo un focus

size up the focus - kasi iba-iba un lens kaya pwedeng un malalakas na cam ay kayang kaya un mas maliit na bagay... halimbawa tingnan nyo itong TIPAKLONG shot, kung mas matindi un cam kaya pang ilapit para maka-ngiti naman un modelo pero kung mahina un cam pero may macro hanggang ganito kalaki lang na mga bagay ang kaya niyang kunan... kung alam mo na kung gaano kalaki un range na kaya ng cam mo at kung gaano ka kalayo pupuwesto mas ok na mag-experimento... di ba?

ang pinaka-tip ko ay pagsanayan nyo un focus ng macro sa mga bagay na nasa tabi nyo lang para kahit paulit-ulit kayong pasilip-silip at shot ng shot ok lang at di kayo mapagkakamalan na may rabies hehe... tulad nitong SPRING na pinagsanayan ko dati

ewan kung may mali dyan basta yan un tingin ko... hekekek! sa mga eksperto dyan kayo magbigay ng tip!



iniiwasan ko na talaga mag-post ng creepy crawlers

do i look different... wat ya think?



pasensiya na po... walang mai-post eh

"being frightened is an experience you can't buy."
- Anthony Price



hala... gising na! kailangang kumahig para makatuka

there's a brand new day ahead of us...



sana kahit 'sang saglit lang sumagi sa isip mo na pumanhik sa taas...

imagine its a giant flower... how can we get up there?

it was a fine day to play out in the sun, i was wit my friends we wer havin fun then came FRUITELLA! five more fruity flavors to chew... flavors for you



oh kay ganda... oh kay gandang mag-alay sa'yo

if you could just notice me... just for a second
that would be nice



kung wala ka wala ito...

your inspiration helped me build this conservatory
you triggered me to fire them up
just like everytime your presence excites me

me and my canon a200 produced the pics from October 2004 up to the bug pics of June 2005. i don't know if she's really faulty or i was just too intense for her. its was less than a year when she lost an inner hook at the battery container area... i thought that it was tolerable since there's a mother hook that can still withstand the pressure. she's fine but little did i know that it would lead to further complications. until the unexpected happened...

while having a piktyur! piktyur! session at the the top of a known mountain she got too excited... she ran like wildfire in front of me, rushing down the hill with no one in control.

broken she was but still managed to get by with the help of my unyielding hands... she came up with more interesting photographs plus astonishing works that gladdened us.

it's no secret that she's slowly feeling it... much noisier pictures, newly charged batteries rejected and image viewing was a lot of hardwork.
we can't go on...



ganito lang ang paglinis nyan... try nyo

its not that difficult... really

step by step... cut the fins plus the whiskers, disect from the middle of the bottom body, take out the laman loob then wash... got it, forget it



pinakikilala ko ang tunay na bida sa waterworld...
ilog version

i really checked if he has fins underneath his ears

believe it or not! often times he's referred to as a thief in the night swimming through the waters... until we met him. this man dives into the pasig river night after night (almost midnight actually) to fish for "kanduli" (somewhat catfish - im not sure but probably so) with his bare hands. imagine the cold and dark waters plus the very strong flow (its reasonably strong, i've been there before, believe me)... he starts from somewhere east (the current goes from east to west) and ends up wherever until he's contented with the amount of "huli".

how do you think he does it? submerges himself deep as tall as an electric post (ga-poste ng meralco... pero that's shallow for him coz deep is more than that he says - medyo exaggerated na ata... pero the depth is believable bcoz tankers passes thru the river) looks up defending himself from the fish attack, grapples the surface (it is believed that most of the fishes are sleeping) then emerges with 2 kanduli in his hands... he settles the fish onto his jukebox (behind him in the pic) which he left floating (nakalutang? eh di inanod yon? ewan di ko natanong, sa susunod... sisid ka ng ga-poste nakalutang un lalagyan pag-ahon mo nsan n yon?)

that night we were having an ordinary feast... we felt that he was around so we told him to catch some. after an hour (more or less) he came with a big bunch. we haggled for the price but he insisted so we brought out a weighing scale... and to our surprise it weighed more than 8 kilos. (whoa! 8 kilos caught with his bare hands... unbelievable?) he agreed for 350 including the cleaning part (this amount was heavy on us compared to how much he sells these to the market but well we know how hard he works for it) i was watching as he cleans every fish and was interviewing him the whole time that's why i came up with these infos... i tried to count 'em but man they were plenty! i waited until a fish was ready for eating, it tasted good! for real... better if grilled medium rare hehe. the next thing you know... i was hustling to get me some.

he's so happy he came back the next day although he only came with an ample amount, too bad the troop has enough kanduli to last the whole week. additional fact - he too was offered by somebody from somewhere to look for a dead body missing out in the river... he just said "kapag nakapa ko..." whew!

he gets away with it finishing up with just the common colds. BELIEVE IT!



wag mo lang kalimutan ang iyong dinaanan

legs are required for jumpin', dancin' strollin' along down the what's that word again? street

ang kulet nun sounds... check nyo! "Picture Book by The Kinks" - iyan un tugtog sa commercial ng hp printers... ang saya-saya nakaka-alis ng pagod at pighati, poot at galit, inis at pagka-irita, kaba at pangungulila. ewan nakakatuwa!