pinakikilala ko ang tunay na bida sa waterworld...
ilog version

i really checked if he has fins underneath his ears

believe it or not! often times he's referred to as a thief in the night swimming through the waters... until we met him. this man dives into the pasig river night after night (almost midnight actually) to fish for "kanduli" (somewhat catfish - im not sure but probably so) with his bare hands. imagine the cold and dark waters plus the very strong flow (its reasonably strong, i've been there before, believe me)... he starts from somewhere east (the current goes from east to west) and ends up wherever until he's contented with the amount of "huli".

how do you think he does it? submerges himself deep as tall as an electric post (ga-poste ng meralco... pero that's shallow for him coz deep is more than that he says - medyo exaggerated na ata... pero the depth is believable bcoz tankers passes thru the river) looks up defending himself from the fish attack, grapples the surface (it is believed that most of the fishes are sleeping) then emerges with 2 kanduli in his hands... he settles the fish onto his jukebox (behind him in the pic) which he left floating (nakalutang? eh di inanod yon? ewan di ko natanong, sa susunod... sisid ka ng ga-poste nakalutang un lalagyan pag-ahon mo nsan n yon?)

that night we were having an ordinary feast... we felt that he was around so we told him to catch some. after an hour (more or less) he came with a big bunch. we haggled for the price but he insisted so we brought out a weighing scale... and to our surprise it weighed more than 8 kilos. (whoa! 8 kilos caught with his bare hands... unbelievable?) he agreed for 350 including the cleaning part (this amount was heavy on us compared to how much he sells these to the market but well we know how hard he works for it) i was watching as he cleans every fish and was interviewing him the whole time that's why i came up with these infos... i tried to count 'em but man they were plenty! i waited until a fish was ready for eating, it tasted good! for real... better if grilled medium rare hehe. the next thing you know... i was hustling to get me some.

he's so happy he came back the next day although he only came with an ample amount, too bad the troop has enough kanduli to last the whole week. additional fact - he too was offered by somebody from somewhere to look for a dead body missing out in the river... he just said "kapag nakapa ko..." whew!

he gets away with it finishing up with just the common colds. BELIEVE IT!


Marco said...

parang may mali dun sa lalim ng ilog na pinagkakapaan nya... hmmm matanong nga kpag natyempuhan

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