nowhere man, originally uploaded by busalshots.

i entered this to a beatles challenge that's why it has that title

when i first saw this scene i said to myself "damn i'm out of batteries!" but as i tried capturing this moment my tired batteries cooperated..

sorry but i can't tell you that much about him except that he's a drunk ass and a group drew the line so the moment can be treasured for a long time (line was painted the next day)... that man said the next day "that wasn't me! i went home safely last night"

the statement was partially true though coz he woked up 1am and head on home haha


Anonymous said...

Ang galing nito. The composition looks great. Was this edited? Gusto ko yung rough effects nya parang illustration.

Tanya said...

nice one!!! hahaha!

Marco said...

tnx tanya at ferdz...

medyo madilim un kuha kaya may grain.. medyo advanced edit to dahil spot edit at layered pinag-aaralan ko lng

Unknown said...

kulet ng picture na ito. magawa nga sa friend ko na lasinggero tapos post ko rin, ewan ko lang kung kelan ko magagawa, hehehe