mark joseph, originally uploaded by busalshots.

"hindi ako si mark! (ako si) mark joseph!

those words hit me like that when i heard it from this kid... we actually considered him a friend as soon as we met him while he was asking for plastic bottles and the like... he and my friends bonded so well that we asked him to play a little role on our video... man he's talented! he acts naturally and easily gets my instructions plus the wow factor, its like "i sense much fear in you!" hehe... He and another boy earned 5 bucks and a candy... we invited them for dinner but they are busy guys i guess...

if ever you land somewhere in san fabian, pangasinan beach front, be sure to watch out for mark joseph!


Anonymous said...

talent scout ka na pala ha :lol:.
i hope those kids' talents take them far in life.

Jing said...

ang galing!
magnetic ang smile. :)
very nice.

Anonymous said...

sige, i'll keep that name in mind..... mark joseph! :)

Marco said...

haha tnx ah!

Anonymous said...

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