parating na ko dyan, relax ka lang... wala namang trapik

entertain yourself! it won't take long...


Marco said...

d'sound - love is on my way

I was blind but now I finally see
Waiting for a love to rain right down on me
Now I look around and I’m aware
that I have got a lot of love to spare

Yesterdays are yesterdays for sure
Those yesterdays shant bother me no, no more
Takes a lot of hard times to be free
but all these heavy times still haven’t crushed me

Love is on my way
I feel it coming, bits and pieces
Love is on my way
I feel it raining down on me
Love is on my way
I feel it coming, bits and pieces
Love is on my way

Now I do all things the way I feel
I’m just trying, I just try to be real
Always I am fighting with my pride
and everything is depending on that insight

I believe that I will have my day
I will seize it and I’m gonna make it stay
Don’t you dare to tell me it’s not true
I won’t let you turn my red into blue

dadaydamacolor said...

naks! pang weekender talaga ang isang ito! ganda!

tsaka sobrang gusto ko yang song na yan! bili ka na ng album ng d'sound pao! pa rip na lang :D

sweetadmiral said...

ganda ng view, parang papuntang puerto galera, nice shot...sarap mag relax after so much pressures form work...buti ka pa.

Anonymous said...

saan mo to kinuha na pic? it's serene. :)

Unknown said...

ang sarap pumalaot kung ganyang ang makikita mo...

Anonymous said...

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