sabi nila wag daw lumayo sa pampang kung di marunong lumangoy
dahil baka malunod pero sa tingin ko gawin mo lang
kaysa naman palagi ka na lang napag-iiwanan

right now you're still afraid of taking that risk even though you know that your life would be so much better after you've done it


Marco said...

Plumb - Stranded

You know it only breaks my heart
To see you standing in the dark alone
Waiting there for me to come back
I'm too afraid to show

If it's coming over you
Like it's coming over me
I'm crashing like a tidal wave
That drags me out to the sea
And I wanna be with you
And you wanna be with me
I'm crashing like a tidal wave
And I don't wanna be
Stranded, stranded, stranded, stranded

I can only take so much
These tears are turning me to rust
I know you're waiting there for me to
come back
I'm to afraid to show

I miss you, I need you
Without you, I'm stranded
I love you so come back
I'm not afraid to show

stranger7800 said...


sarap magtampisaw! wooohooo! pero medyo malayo pa summer dito

Ms. etc said...

Hmmm..ako di marunong lumangoy sa malalim...sa mababaw lang. :D Hay...i wanna go to the beach.

Marco said...

@dandy: onga pre, puro disyerto yata dyan...

@"J": magpopo-post pa ko ng beaches para ma-feel mo pa lalo